Challenges to Virtual Project Management in Pakistan

Date: August 8, 2007

Speaker: Ms. Shazia Nauman

Ms. Shazia Nauman is a visiting faculty member at SS-CARE, Islamabad. She is pursuing her PhD in project Management at CASE, Islamabad. She has taught at various universities in Islamabad including CASE and International Islamic University. As a trainer she has conducted workshops at Professional Development Center, CASE, and NGOs and at the corporate level. She has fervor for research that leads to four International and one national publication in the prestigious international conferences such as that of IEEE.


"Most of our executives make very sound decisions. The trouble is many of them have turned out not to have been the best decisions"
During the management of a project or in our personal lives, we make thousands of decisions each day. Every time we are faced with a choice, we make a decision that commits us to an action and the use of resources. This focus excludes effort on the rejected alternatives. So, if a poor choice is made in the first place and it is later decided to revise the decision, the intervening time and expenditures are, for the most part, unrecoverable.

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Venue: China Grill Hall, Holiday Inn Hotel, Lahore.

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                 Hi Tea:   6:00 PM - 6:30 PM

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