PMP Examination Change Approaching

Dear Chapter Leader,

As you know, the new Project Management Professional (PMP)® examination will be released on 31 August 2011 as a result of the recent Role Delineation Study (RDS). The PMP® RDS is the foundation on which this professional certification is based.

The RDS defines what project managers do, how often they do it and how important their work is. As the RDS is updated, there are resulting updates to the examination questions and process areas in the PMP examination application.

Because there are changes coming to both the exam and the application, we wanted to make you aware of what is new so you can answer questions for your chapter members.

We are strongly encouraging PMP candidates who have prepared for the current exam to schedule their exam on or before 30 August.

Delivery of Exam Results

As we transition to the new examination, PMI must update its examination reporting processes. This means for a short period of time examination results will not be available immediately following the examination. There will be a 4–6 week period between taking the examination and receiving the results via email. We know this will be disappointing to candidates, but please let them know the delay is necessary any time an exam changes to validate the new examination structure. In particular, please note the following details about the delivery of the examination results.

  • Candidates who take the updated computer-based examination on or after 31 August will not receive immediate results at the Prometric testing center.
  • Candidates taking the updated paper-based examination can also expect a delay in receiving their examination results.
  • Once PMI validates the new examination structure (by mid-October) we will be able to resume providing individuals with immediate results at the Prometric testing center.
  • Each PMP candidate will receive a communication to notify them when their results are available at
  • All candidates can expect to receive their examination results by mid-October.

Changes to Application

In addition, for candidates who are getting ready to apply for the PMP, the application will be updated to reflect the current role of the project manager revealed in the new RDS.

  • In the past, PMI has required candidates to track and report their hours of experience leading and directing projects for each task within the RDS.
  • On 31 August, PMI will update the PMP application to require candidates to track and report their hours for each domain (Process Group) within the RDS.
  • Any candidates who have an application in progress at the time the change is made will have their experience hours migrated to the new application, so that no data is lost
  • Please refer to the PMP Handbook on for more detailed instructions.

We are excited to transition to the new PMP examination and thank you for your continued support to the global community of project management professionals. Should you or any of your Chapter members have any questions, please contact Customer Care.


PMI Certification Team